• Ausstellung Masoala Regenwald

Masoala Rainforest

The exhibition in the Masoala Rainforest depicts the tropical rainforest and the culture of Madagascar, in particular, the life on the Masoala peninsula. The exhibition artefacts demonstrate many influences the rainforest is exposed to. The information centre is directly next to the Masoala rainforest. The Masoala Rainforest is the largest of the nature conservation exhibitions in Zurich Zoo.

Exhibition at the Masoala Rainforest Information Centre
Information box at the Masoala Rainforest Exhibition.
Nebenwege im Masoala Regenwald



Sat, 20. Jul 19
10:30 Uhr
Masoala Regenwald

Mora-Mora Bar geöffnet

Drinks im Regenwald

Sun, 21. Jul 19
12:00 Uhr
Masoala Regenwald
Bienenfresser im Masoala Regenwald des Zoo Zürich.
Icon Tierpräsentation im Zoo Zürich



Mon, 22. Jul 19
10:30 Uhr
Masoala Regenwald

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