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  • Serengeti-Zebraflugzeug auf dem Lewa Airstrip in der Lewa Savanne im Zoo Zürich.
    Airstrip, Flughafen und Coiffeursalon in der Lewa Savanne im Zoo Zürich.
    Dorfschule in der Lewa Savanne im Zoo Zürich.
    Panorama-Aufnahme der Schule im Lewa-Dorf.
    Panorama-Aufnahme des Coiffeurs im Lewa-Dorf.

    Sustainable tourism

    The Lewa Savanna aims to educate visitors about the biology of the animals living at the zoo, their natural habitats and the threats they face in the wild, as well as the role that safaris and ecotourism may play in wildlife conservation.

    The Lewa Giraffe House includes a cinema and true-to-scale sculptures of rhino species. In the Lewa Village, zoo visitors can learn about anti-poaching ranger traning and community development initiatives that are linked to conservation. Outdoors, visitors will find a small airstrip featuring a model Grzimeks Serengeti-Airplane as well as a Kenyan village scene.

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    Sustainable tourism


    Lewa Savanna