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  • Naturschutzausstellung Australien.

    Invasive species

    The content of the exhibition «From Beneficial Organism to Pest» in the Australia house is the topic of invasive species. The exhibition, located in the visitor corridor of the Australia house, shows the devastating impact that introduced species have on Australia's original fauna.

    Australia has a unique fauna that has been able to develop independently over a long period of time. With colonization, man brought animals from other continents into the country - with dire consequences. Several of the introduced animals, such as the fox, domestic cat or aga toad, have contributed to the endangerment or even extinction of numerous Australian species.

    The wild rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) on display in the Australia house are also part of this issue.

    Tafel in der Naturschutzausstellung Australien im Zoo Zürich.

    Invasive species are causing major problems in Australia.


    Invasive species in Australia


    Visitor corridor Australia house