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  • Blaupunktrochen im Zoo Zürich

    Bluespotted fantail ray

    Taeniura lymma

    Closest relatives Rays, Spotted Stingrays
    Habitat Coral reefs up to 40 meters deep
    Behaviour bury themselves in the sand to camouflage; hunt at night
    Diet Snails, crabs and worms
    Body length up to 70 cm
    Spawn viviparous, up to 7 young animals
    Use Fishkeeping
    Current status unknown

    geographic range


    S. + K. Hagenbucher, Vogelsang AG
    S. Danieli, Wallisellen
    Familie O. + R. Meichtry, Wallisellen
    A. Unger, Dübendorf
    K. Lüssi + St. Kälin, Riedern
    R. + St. Leuthold, Hettlingen
    Notter Advokatur & Notariat AG, Baden
    Familie F. + R. + V. + E. Fournichot-Kontic, Zürich
    R. Aeschlimann, Uhwiesen
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