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Grünes Schwalbenschwänzchen im Zoo Zürich

Blue-green chromis

Chromis virids

Closest relatives Perch family, damselfish (350 species), damselfish
Habitat Reef top layers, shallow lagoons, protected outer reefs up to 12 meters deep
Behaviour in large shoals, always close to large staghorn corals
Diet phyto- and zooplankton, algae, copepods
Body length up to 10 cm
Spawn spawns on the bottom, males prepare nests for several females, guard the nest, fan fresh water towards the eggs and consume dead eggs
Use fishkeeping, bred in aquariums
Current status widespread

geographic range

Verbreitungskarte Grünes Schwalbenschwänzchen


D. Meier, Zürich
A. Winkler, Wien