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  • Kupferbinden-Pinzettfisch im Zoo Zürich.

    Banded longsnout butterflyfish

    Chelmon rostratus

    Closest relatives Butterflyfish (130 species)
    Habitat Estuaries with sandy and muddy areas, coastal and inner reefs from 1 to 25 meters deep
    Behaviour solitary or in pairs during the breeding season, territory is defended
    Diet Invertebrates, worms, glass anemones
    Body length up to 20 cm
    Spawn spawn in open water, spawn drifts as plankton into the open sea
    Use fishkeeping, fishing
    Current status still widespread, stable

    geographic range

    Verbreitungskarte Kupferbinden-Pinzettfisch


    P. Bütler, Fehraltorf
    L. Kriesi, Thalwil
    C. Steiner, Zürich
    L. Gross, Greifensee
    M. Sauter, Zizers
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    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList