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  • Alet, Döbel im Zoo Zürich

    Alet, Chub

    Squalius cephalus

    The elongated, cylindrical alet, also known as chub or reed carp, is lead-gray on top with a greenish or brownish shimmer. The scales have dark edges. It lives in various water habitats but always prefers the areas close to the surface. While younger animals feed on small creatures, the larger ones are known as ravenous predators and spawn eaters with a special preference for cherries and cockchafers. Larger specimens are popular as magnificent exhibits in fishtanks.

    Closest relatives Bony fish, carp family
    Habitat Ditches, ponds, shallow lakes
    Diet Microorganisms, spawn, cockchafer, cherries


    Conservation status

    IUCN RedList