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Philosophy & Goals

Zoo Zurich is a cultural and educational institution of the town of Zurich and serves as an ambassador between people, animals, and nature. The zoo appeals to a vast majority of the population and thus contributes to the sustainable preservation of biological diversity. All Zoo Zurich activities are based on innovative business and scientific management as well as future-oriented sustainable financing. The great public interest in the zoo is put to well-targeted use, just as the close cooperation within the scope of the worldwide network of zoological gardens.

  • Zoo Zurich wishes to establish itself as a nature conservation center.

  • Zoo Zurich wishes to contribute to protecting nature.

  • Zoo Zurich wishes to encourage its visitors to protect nature.

Zoo Zurich promotes understanding of natural phenomena and nature conservation by involving visitors and allowing them to observe and experience the animals. The general public and the business world are informed offensively and transparently in order to sensitize them towards the necessity to protect flora and fauna. Zoo Zurich supports and works on various national and international programs to preserve species and maintain their natural habitats: 'Today, we tend to the lives of animals for the world of tomorrow'. Scientifically, Zoo Zurich works closely together with an international network of universities, in particular Zurich University, as well as zoological gardens.

Credo: 'People who know animals will protect them.'